MedRevo is the first integrated care delivery system in hospitals and clinics that allows any type of clinician to send patients digital prescriptions of activities, tasks and surveys, directly to the patient’s mobile device. We’re allowing medical departments to move off paper handouts for patient management and collect data/results directly from the patient. This digital connection is a new paradigm that is significantly altering and improving care by allowing remote monitoring of the patient, measuring outcomes and enabling feedback from the patient, resulting in improved patient satisfaction. MedRevo also allows hospitals to provide community based interventions and reduces admissions through effective transitions of care.


MedRevo provides several high-quality exercises and stretching demonstration videos performed by a Doctor of Physical Therapy, organized by pain issue, anatomy, and exercise equipment. Videos demonstrate exercises and stretching techniques that Physical Therapists often prescribe to treat many pain-related and injury recovery issues.


Patients are the most under-utilized resource in the quest to attain better outcomes at lower costs. MedRevo is a clinically proven cloud-based clinical patient engagement platform that enables doctors and therapists to manage patient care between visits by sending treatment plans, therapies, activities and reminders to the patient’s mobile device.

MedRevo increases organizational capacity to support the critical changes and new processes required for managing population health and transitioning to value-based payment models by:

  • Offering clinical care protocols
  • Establishing a care management system that is sustainable
  • Utilizing MedRevol technology and data analytics to identify and monitor patients, including those at high risk and facilitate coordinated care
  • Decreasing the total cost of care.

MedRevo provides:

  • Variation in care
  • Patient-reported outcomes
  • Self-management
  • Caregiver support
  • Health communication


Exceeding Expectations One Patient at a Time

"Every time I visited a physical therapist I was given paper or verbal instructions. I would misplace the paper or not remember my exercises. I wanted something that would store my personalized prescription, remind me to do my exercises, and count my seconds, sets and reps because it is so tedious and inaccurate doing it myself. I could not find anything that had all those features, so we created MedRevo.

MedRevo has since turned into a multidisciplinary tool, including surveys and assessments, that manages patients and their care.

 We allow every department in a hospital and clinical practice to send their education and surveys in an app to their patient, track what they are doing and return results on their progress."

​~ Mario Niedda, Founder & CEO at Revolution Investments S.R.L.s