- Please, step forwards. May I have the password? Fidelio.

- That's right, sir! That is the password… for admittance.

Among all of the social apps which seem to have taken the internet by storm, our app is a steady Red Cloak butler who will introduce you and your friends into a next level social space. Wearing a mask and a nickname you are invited to a party to join the new intriguing social app of instant messaging: Fidelio.

Already available for iOS and Android devices, Fidelio is an entirely new app from scratch which allows anonymous users and their Facebook friends to join real-time chats and customize their own social rooms. In Fidelio you can experiment present and virtual, truth and imagination, mystery and known.

On the occasion of the official app launch we tested it by enabling a QRCode reader: who scanned the code could gain access to a confidential virtual party and make new friends. The larger audience paid off the efforts made and led us to work on new exciting surprises.

Believe us, you'll faithfully love it.