Client Work

By starting with the constumer’s experience we’re able to craft solutions they will use and value.
We cooperate with top level partner to demonstrate a simple truth: We dream big. We don’t limit our challenges, we challenge our limits. We share with our customers the idea that an extraordinary technological experience can revolutionize users’ interaction.
We dream up over and OverApp.


Our history immediately focused on two clear "business units": our customer’s satisfaction and our crew’s challenge in developing innovative ideas.
Our objectives turn into clear ideas and discover answers to business questions through expertly trained crew who works collaboratively with passion, curiosity and why not a healthy dose of folly.
A little folly brings OverApp to you.

Own Product

Within our productive process we believe the spirit of a well-built app is based on the user’s best possible fully fruition and pleasure. Our products are the outcome of a philosophy aimed to satisfy any technological request: web applications, mobile devices, Set-Top-Box, console and Internet-TV.
We do not build apps, we OverApp!


We make deals and create partnership with whom we feel kinship for their technological innovative capacity and eager to share the same mood and goals.
We are able to expand our capabilities and offer further new IT solutions which could range from open source to security, automotive and Over.
Think it OverApp, contact us.


We have developed new features within the SNAI sports betting platform.


VolApp is the first web platform to manage the job on call easily.


"I am very pleased to welcome you. May I have the password?"

Vodafone TV

We made the Vodafone's Help-App for the new Vodafone TV's set-top-box.


Bloovery helps people to better communicate their emotions through flowers.


We created and managed NLs and DEM campaigns for Technogym on Rio2016.


A new concept of social pension plan coupled with classic payment systems.