User Experience & Design
Sassari (IT)

UI/UX Researcher/Developer


At OverApp, User Experience Researchers (UXRs) help everyone focus on the user. In this role, you will create understanding and empathy around user needs, stated and unstated, for your entire product team including designers, product managers, and engineers. You will do so by conducting primary research, exploring the behaviors and motivations of our users through methods like field visits, ethnography, surveys, usability testing, and logs analysis. Your research will help us create useful, usable, and delightful new products and features for people as well as continually innovating on our existing products. You’ll inspire change at all stages of product development by delivering compelling, written, in-person and visual presentations on your findings.The UXR community at OverApp is unique. As part of our group, you will have the chance to work not only with the other UXRs on your immediate team but to work and learn from UXRs across the company through regular in-person meetups, established mentorship programs, access to our internal research tools, and 20% projects. OverApp is a place where UXRs can do their best work.

Play Console is the platform from which app and games developers (globally) manage and publish their apps to Android users worldwide. As a Research team, we are focused on continually driving the capabilities and guidance we can offer developers to propel their businesses to the next level. We want to make sure we are always on top of customers' needs and crafting elegant solutions. 

In this role, you will focus to improve the app quality by giving developers the tools and insights they require to make high quality apps.

OverApp is and always will be an engineering company. We hire people with a broad set of technical skills who are ready to take on some of technology's greatest challenges and make an impact on millions, if not billions, of users. At OverApp, engineers not only work on massive scalability and storage solutions, large-scale applications and entirely new platforms for customers around the world.


  • Lead the research agenda within the app Excellence team of the Play Console.
  • Use mixed methods approaches to understand developer needs and opportunities.
  • Work with cross-functional colleagues to shape the product direction with your insights.
  • Develop new areas of questioning to solve for medium-long term opportunities.
  • Understand and incorporate complex technical and business requirements into research.


Minimum qualifications:

  • Master’s degree in Social Sciences, Human-Computer Interaction, or a related field, or equivalent practical experience.
  • Experience in a Technical/Software Engineering capacity.
  • Experience utilizing a range of qualitative methods and integrating user research into product designs and design practices.

Preferred qualifications: 

  • PhD in a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) related field.
  • Experience with survey research.
  • Relevant work experience, including experience with early stage/new product conceptualization as well as shipping of new version and/or feature enhancements of existing products.
  • Proficiency with one or more statistical software packages (R, SPSS, Stata, SAS, etc).


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