We ⭕️ unique apps.

Over-ordinary Digital Studio & Software House.


We are an italian-based award-winning digital studio & software house that specializes in developing stunning apps for iOS and Android. Our mission is to create unique, digital experiences for brands who are prepared to make an impact. Our collective experience ranges from design to development and distribution.


Many digital projects fail due to an agency’s lack of understanding around business model and value proposition. As a consultancy we stand out, helping our partners to mitigate risk by placing focus on their business and customers over technology.

The discovery process enables us to review our customers' business, plan and present relevant research and grasp their own brand before we identify the most suitable solutions to problems.


The work of our design team is at the core of all our projects and runs throughout all of our services.

Remarkable design in digital creativity is crucial, and will ultimately help you to exceed the expectations of your customers.

Through extensive competitor analysis, market and user research, our deliverables can include elevator pitches, prototypes, digital roadmaps and more.


Our team has grown exponentially in recent years to ensure we can maintain the quality of our development, and subsequently the solutions of our partners.

Recent years have seen us launch immersive and artificial intelligence divisions, with the company set on enabling partners to be at the forefront of development using emerging technologies.


With an emphasis on turning our customers into fans, we understand the importance of assisting businesses throughout and following the launch of their digital products.

We take a pro-active approach to helping our customers scale up their own solution.

In addition to providing hosting and support, we're often asked to assist in product development following launch.


Design, develop, deploy, optimize and iterate. That’s not just our process, it’s our philosophy. We've got big-business backgrounds with twice the ground speed and much better jokes. Technology is advancing exponentially, so why would we stay still?
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